Super Nova’s Symphony (2020) (PC Game)(Wavelength Studios) Composer, Additional Music
Your Boys Blue (2020) (Short Fiction) (Bafter AB) Composer
Faefever (2019) (PC Game) (Monkey Wizard Entertainment) Composer
Shipwreck (2021) (Short Fiction) (Bafter AB) Composer
Evicted (2022) (Short Fiction) (Bafter AB) Composer, Mixing Engineer
Everything About The Actual Difference (2020) (Short Fiction) (Afpitch) Composer


Shipwrecks & Sea Dogs (Podcast Theme Song) (2022) Composer

Evicted (2022) (Bafter AB) Composer, Mixing Engineer

The Greedy (2021) (Nalle Bruun Productions) Composer

Shipwreck (2021) (Bafter AB) Composer

TIME (edge) LORD (2021) (Adaptive Music Game Jam) Programmer, Level Design, Art

Super Nova’s Symphony (2020) (Wavelength Studios) Composer

WrongASD (2020) (Seangelique Studios) Composer, Sound, Programmer

Everything About The Actual Difference (2020) (Afpitch) Composer

Your Boys Blue (2020) (Bafter AB) Composer

Adrift (2020) (Global Game Jam SGA) Composer

Jordskred (2020) (Julius Wadman) Composer

Faefever (2019) (Monkey Wizard Entertainment) Composer

Drömfångaren (2019) (Felix Norman Linder) Composer

What Should I do? (2018) Director, Composer, Producer

Peak Lenin (2018) (Noah) Composer, Additional Music

2022 (2017) (Felix Norman Linder) Composer

Fate (2016) (Afpitch) Sound Engineer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer


Stories From Other Worlds (Album) Composer, Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Mastering

Cat Commander (EP) (2022) Composer, Producer

Giant Cat Mech (Single) (2022) Composer, Producer

Aloy’s Theme – Horizon Zero Dawn (Cover, Single) (2022) Producer, Arranger

Clubbed to Death (Cover, Single) (2022) Arranger

Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Cover, Single) (2021) Arranger

A Merry Christmas Medley (Cover, Single) (2021) Arranger

Cat Commander Theme (Single) (2021) Composer, Producer

Squid Game – Pink Soldiers (Cover, Single) (2021) Arranger

Squid Game – Way Back Then (Cover, Single) (2021) Arranger

Rush E (Cover, Single) (2021) Arranger

My Mother Told Me (Cover, Single) (2021) Arranger

Säkkijärven Polkka
(Cover, Single) (2021) Arranger

Wellerman (Cover, Single) (2021) Arranger, Mixing, Mastering

Skeppsbrott (Shipwreck, Original Short Film Soundtrack) (Album) (2021) Composer, Performer

Dina Gossar Blå ( Your Boys Blue, Original Short Film Soundtrack) (Album) (2020) Composer, Performer

Drömfångaren (Original Short Film Music) (Album) (2019) Composer, Arranger

Giorno’s Theme (Cover, Single) (2019) Arranger

Kalle Teodor (Cover, Single) (2019) Composer, Arranger

Swedish Anthem (Single) (2019) Arranger, Producer

Crimson Dream (Album) (2018) (Sean Secret) Composer, Performer, Mixing, Mastering

Carlius (Album) (2017) (Sean Secret) Composer

Mindless (Single) (2017) Composer

Raquin (Single) (2016) Composer

Cat Jazz Club (Single) (2016) Composer

Distant Future (Single) (2016) Composer


Best Soundtrack (2022) Milano – Vertigo Film Fest

Best Original Music (2018) (Medium Weight) Stockmotion Film Festival

Science Award Matteus School (2013)

Finalist Stockholm City Library’s Writing Competition