The cozy home studio where he’ll write your music!
Picture of Sean back when he had longer hair.

Multi-instrumentalist and award winning film composer SeanSecret has written music for several award winning projects such as short films, games, commercials and his own concept albums.

Known for mixing the “epic orchestral” genre with other genres left and right – he shows great proficiency in a variety of musical styles. Anything from electro house to big band jazz or even classical film scoring proves to be a non issue.

Sean had his humble beginnings as a young boy not wanting to leave the movie theater – just to listen to the music playing over the credits. He realized that maybe making music himself was something to look in to. He later went on to study music production in high school and video game music composition at university. He is now a working media composer writing music for films and games.

In addition to being a musician he is also an accomplished photographer and the occasional filmmaker and gamedev in his spare time. In 2018 he won the award for “best original music” for his musical short film: “Vad Ska Jag Göra?” (What Should I Do?) at Sweden’s second largest film festival.